The Evolution of the Eyebrows.

Pro Brows, a line of professional pigments for eyebrows by Wencolor, you obtain a naturally spectacular color in the eyebrows, tinting the hair of your eyebrows by means of its special molecules that allow the hair to oxygenate and thus revitalize it from the root.

Pigmentation or Eyebrow Tinting.

It is important to note that the pH of your skin has to be at normal levels for pigment fixation.

Pro Brows is the 4th generation of brow pigments, based on American plants, vitamins and totally organic natural oils.

Wencolor’s pigment lines for eyebrows are the only ones that with testimonials from their clients endorse the quality and well-being that our pigments provide.


For the revitalization of the follicles of your eyebrows they must be in good condition and do not have invasive procedures damaging the health of them.